ISIS Releases Video Threatening Attack on Russian Soil ‘Very Soon’

The video features chants of “soon, very soon, the blood will spill like an ocean.” ISIS Media


The Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group released a new video on Thursday threatening an attack on Russia “very soon,” according to jihadi monitoring network SITE Intelligence.

The footage features Russian-language chants of “soon, very soon, the blood will spill like an ocean”, SITE reported. The video also shows graphic footage of a number of the atrocities that the group has carried out in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

“The kafir (disbeliever) throats will tremble from the knives. We will make your wives concubines and make your children our slaves,” the video adds. Continue reading

Norway: The People’s Revolution vs. The “Religion of Peace”

It seems that most people in Europe — in the wake of the Paris massacres at the magazine Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket — have either forgotten, or never been taught, that Muslims have invaded Europe several times before. In the Eighth Century, the Moors (Muslims from North Africa) succeeded in conquering Spain and the early medieval French King, Charles Martel, fought and put a stop to the Moors’ invasion of France. It took 800 years to expel Islam from Spain; the final expulsion of the Moors from Andalusia occurred 1492. Later, the Ottomans made it to the gates of Vienna in 1683. How has Islam’s nature and history in Europe been forgotten?

Norway, like many other countries in Europe after World War II, has built up an expansive welfare state. It is based on the principle of shared values, shared goals and shared faith in the state. Historically, Norway has prided itself in being a largely classless society with a large middle class, and only a small upper class or nobility. Continue reading