State Department: ‘We Will not Be Ruled’ By ‘Domestic Constituencies or Israelis’

A onetime Jewish aide who worked with the State Department during its negotiations with Israel and the Palestinians has claimed that Obama administration officials could be heard in the hallways of Foggy Bottom shouting, “We are the United States of America—we will not be ruled whether it’s by domestic constituencies or Israelis!”

Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren made similar claims in his recent memoir, recalling multiple instances of Obama administration hostility toward Israel, including verbal threats. Continue reading

Netanyahu: Iran Nuke Deal ‘Will Bring War’

Netanyahu, who spoke Tuesday afternoon on a conference call organized by the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA), urged those on the call to do all they can to defeat the deal and stop the Obama administration from enacting it.“This deal will bring war,” Netanyahu warned. “It will spark a nuclear arms race in the region. And it would feed Iran’s terrorism and aggression that would make war, perhaps the most horrific war of all, far more likely.”

“Oppose this dangerous deal,” Netanyahu urged the audience as he outlined what were described as fatal flaws in the agreement, which will provide Iran with billions of dollars in sanctions relief while temporarily halting its nuclear enrichment program. Continue reading