Report: Germany classified list of companies that helped build Syria’s CW stockpile


The weekly Der Spiegel said Berlin received the list from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons that was assigned the destruction of the CW stockpile and facilities of President Bashar Assad in 2013. About 1,400 Syrians were said to have been killed in Assad’s CW attacks.

“Berlin immediately classified the list and has since kept it under lock and key,” Der Spiegel said. “The government says that releasing the names would ‘significantly impair foreign policy interests and thus the welfare of the Federal Republic of Germany.’” Continue reading

Syrian defector: Assad forces transferred WMDs to Lebanon

According to the defector, in January, two senior Syrian officers were transferring 100 kilograms of the chemicals used to compose the lethal sarin gas from a secret base some 50 km northeast of Damascus in the direction of Lebanon.

Syria is known to be in the possession of some 500 tons of isopropanol and methylphosphonyl difluoride, but stores them separately so as to avoid any lethal leaks. Continue reading