‘Iran tested sinking aircraft carriers using ballistic missiles’

Senior general claims that Tehran had worked to develop technology to hit moving targets at sea

Senior Iranian military general Hossein Salami said during a televised interview in early February that after years of research, Iran tested the capability of ballistic missiles to sink aircraft carriers almost a decade ago.

Salami, the Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said in the interview, which aired on state-run IRINN channel, that the testing “demonstrated that we were one step closer to destroying an aircraft carrier.” Continue reading

Iranian Supreme Leader Spokesman: Obama ‘Knocking On Every Door’ to Meet Iranian President


Mohammad Golpayegani, head of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s office, announced to Iran’s official broadcast channel IRINN that President Obama was “knocking on every door” to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during a statement on November 30.

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