Iran Is The World’s Bully. And We Just Gave Him a Nuclear Club.

Growing up, many of us witnessed classroom bullies. They taunted and intimidated, showing by their actions they were the classroom tough guy.

Sometimes a bully became brazen enough to pick on someone bigger. This would happen when the bully sensed, although the big guy had size on his side, he was weak in resolve. Thus, by picking on him, knowing he would back down, the bully not only enhanced his own stature among classmates but proved even more intimidating. Meanwhile, the big guy, after repeatedly backing down, eventually lost his classmates’ respect.

This sums up today’s relationship between the U.S. and Iran in the world community. Unless one is Rip Van Winkle coming out of a 20-year slumber, it should be clear it is Iran playing the role of the bully. Continue reading