Russian Submarine Wreck Found in Sweden’s Territorial Waters

Hot off the press, just minutes old, and sure to be the subject of the week…

This might’ve also been what was fired upon by the Finnish Navy back in April. Underwater depth charges were released after suspicious movement was detected. It could be that it was successfully hit with one (or more) and the Russian submarine became severely damaged and scuttled itself, with crew on board.

Please see the Swedish news source for a live feed at this moment in time.


A wrecked mini-submarine was found last week in waters off of Sweden’s eastern coast, media in Sweden reported on July 27. Authorities believe it is a Russian model, primarily because of Cyrillic letters on the hull. They have not disclosed the exact location of the wreckage, but say it is around 1.5 nautical miles from the Swedish coast.

“We are 110 percent sure that it is within Swedish waters” said Dennis Åsberg, a member of Ocean X Team which made the discovery.

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