Bad News For World Economy That No One Wants To Hear

Reading the general run of financial headlines might lead one to believe that price declines in those commodities which are highly sensitive to economic conditions such as iron ore, copper, oil, natural gas, coal, and lumber are good on their face.

Obviously, the declines aren’t good for those who sell these commodities. But, those of us who buy these commodities in the form of cars, houses, utility bills and other products and services ought to be helping the world economy as we buy more stuff with the freed up income. Continue reading

Russia warns Ukraine of ‘irreversible consequences’

Russia’s foreign ministry has warned Ukraine over an incident in which a cross-border shell hit two houses in Russia, reportedly killing a Russian man. It threatened possible “irreversible consequences.”

A statement from the foreign ministry said Ukraine had been handed a note of protest describing the incident as “an aggressive act by the Ukrainian side against sovereign Russian territory and the citizens of the Russian Federation.” Continue reading