Syria’s Assad Will Use Chemical Weapons, Says Former General, Now Defector

As has been remarked here numerous times, the notion of Assad using chemical weapons remains very likely. This, coming from a top general in the Syrian army, only underscores and proves what has been maintained by Global Geopolitics before the mainstream media took note of any reference to Syrian WMDs, and just how dangerous and grim the situation has become. War with Syria is on the horizon, which with the only aim is to decrease Iran’s sphere of influence and leave it isolated politically and militarily. Iran is then next to be toppled.

PHOTO: Syria's Major-General Adnan Sillou is shown.

A former top general in Syria’s chemical weapons program says he doesn’t doubt for a moment that President Bashar al-Assad will deploy his chemical weapons arsenal as he tries to hold onto power and crush the uprising that started almost two years ago.

The regime started to fall and deteriorate. It’s coming to its end,” said retired Major General Adnan Sillou in an interview in a hotel near Antakya, on Turkey’s southern border with Syria. “It’s highly possible that he’ll start using [chemical weapons] to kill his own people because this regime is a killer.”

Sillou told ABC News that until September 2008, he was chief of staff on the defensive side of the chemical weapons program. He said he was in charge of training soldiers against attacks and contact with the weapons, as well as procuring safety equipment to guard against them.

He listed mustard gas along with the sarin, VX and tabun nerve agents as the main elements in Syria’s chemical arsenal, whose existence Syria doesn’t even acknowledge. Foreign intelligence officials and analysts have focused on the first three as the main threats, and last week U.S. officials said there was evidence sarin had not only been moved, but its binary components, usually stored separately, had been combined and placed into bombs for use.

Sillou accuses Assad’s forces of already spraying pesticides and dropping white phosphorous, claims also made by opposition activists.

“They’re idiots, crazy. Simply they are killers,” he said. Continue reading