Wagenknecht and Bartsch: Left Calls the USA Main Cause of the Refugee Crisis / Wagenknecht und Bartsch: Linke nennen USA Hauptverursacher der Flüchtlingskrise

Only one percent of the world seems to realize this. What makes this ironic is that this realization comes out of Europe and by a party so far left they’re practically Communist — the same type of lost crowd who wanted to see America elect him.

Obama has absolutely destroyed the Middle East, which is in turn permanently altering and destroying Europe through its refugee crisis and is watching it drown under its own socialist-communist political correctness. We’re also yet to see what ISIS (an American creation) infiltrators have in store.

Iran has been emboldened and is full speed ahead towards building a nuclear bomb (time tables vary) whereas nations such as Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon (to name a few) were completely overturned and left in absolute disarray. Don’t forget about Iraq which was abandoned, leaving behind a power vacuum (currently being filled in by Iran). Ukraine is also another case in point, although it’s overturning was a joint-operation by Washington and Berlin.

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English translation:

Who bears the biggest blame for the refugee tragedy? For Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch from the left of the main causes is quickly identified: the United States. The Deputy faction leaders insist on funds the government in Washington.

The deputy left party leader Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch give the United States a large part of the blame for the refugee crisis, if not the largest. “Western countries led by the US has destabilized entire regions, by they have made and instrumentalized possible among other terrorist organizations,” it says in a position paper of the designated chairman of the Left in the Bundestag. It will be presented on Monday the Group.
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