Thoughts on the San Bernardino Murders

It’s indeed too early to tell what the attackers motives were, although Syed Farook’s father said he was a muslim, or whether or not there’s an ISIS connection or some sort of other terrorist cell involved. However, something like this is what’s been warned about for years now on Global Geopolitics. If it were islamic terrorism, they hit exactly as predicted. That’s to say they will be attacking hospitals, kindergartens, universities, concerts, theaters, events, open markets, etc… They will ruthlessly and without remorse hit where it hurts America’s heart the most. In this case, a rehabilitation center for handicapped people.

The following previous posts are examples of warnings of what lies ahead:

If you’d like to further explore the threat, search under the terrorist cell tag.


* Syed Farook. That is the name of one of the suspects in the San Bernardino attack, the only name that has been released so far. So most people conclude that it is another case of Islamic terrorism. Based on what we know now, that is probably right. But it is a strange incident: why the Inland Regional Center? And the terrorist group, two men and a woman, may be consistent with a Muslim terror ring, but until now, haven’t female terrorists–suicide bombers or knife attackers, pretty much always–acted alone? Is there precedent for mixed gender Islamic terrorist teams? Maybe there is, but I can’t think of one.

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