Berlin hopes Mosque tax will give rise to ‘German Islam’

Since the 19th century, Germany’s Catholics and Protestants have paid church taxes in order to fund the churches and schools of their faith. Now, politicians in Europe’s largest country are considering extending the scheme to the Muslim population, as a way of reducing the influence of foreign countries and encouraging the growth of a “German Islam.”

A “mosque tax” would be modeled on the Kirchensteuer or “church tax” that is currently paid by more than half of all Germans, collected through the tax system, and distributed to Christian and Jewish organizations. It currently amounts to around 8-9% of a person’s salary. Continue reading

Report: Islamic Kuveyt Turk Bank to be granted German license

Germany which already has a few no-go zones of its own in cities has now allowed a parallel financial industry within the gates, leaving themselves open to economic warfare within the homeland.


The report posted on the website of the Handelsblatt newspaper and to be published in the Monday edition of the daily said the German regulator, Bafin, was about to grant the license to the Kuveyt Turk Bank AG.

The bank operates under guidelines that conform with Sharia law, meaning that it does not get involved in speculative ventures or investments, or those that do not comply with the teachings of the Koran. Continue reading

German Security Services Warn of Highest Terrorist Threat in Decades

Police in Berlin


BERLIN, December 23 (Sputnik) – The terrorist threat level in Germany is currently very high, with Germany’s involvement in the anti-Islamic State (IS) war a justification for a terrorist attack, the Bild reported Tuesday citing unattributed security services documents.

“It must be assumed that terrorist attacks of different scale and intensity are possible in the Federal Republic,” the document said as quoted by the tabloid. The organizers can be individual terrorists and “individual groups acting autonomously.” Continue reading