When Will Trump be Assassinated?

The standard operation is always to assassinate the outsider who resists the establishment, be it military or political. Of course there are plenty of examples like Martin Luther King insofar as activists are concerned. However, proof that the Ukrainian Revolution was real, and not some CIA plot that the communist mafia running Ukraine has spread as propaganda, is the fact that when Ukraine was winning its independence. Those in Parliament at the time were still in the communist mafia and were stealing everything they could from the national production. Viacheslav Chornovil (1937-March 25, 1999) was a political activist who the people turned to as their first independent president. He was very prominent as a Ukrainian dissident in the Soviet Union and was arrested multiple times in the 1960s and 1970s for his political views. A long-time advocate of Ukrainian independence, he was paving the way for contemporary independence in Ukraine. He became known as a dissident after documenting the illegal imprisonment of some Ukrainian intellectuals. They did everything they could to imprison him on non-political allegations. In April 1980, they paid off a girl to claim Chornovil raped her and he was arrested for “attempted rape” since she could not prove he actually did anything. Chornovil was sentenced to five years in prison. Continue reading