Russian paper evaluates PLA Navy’s future carrier fleet

The increased activity of the PLA Navy over the past year is a sign that China is starting to work towards the goal of force projection, Moscow-based newspaper the Military-Industrial Courier reported on Aug. 5.

Without an overseas military base network or a fleet of aircraft carriers like the United States, force projection is nigh-on impossible. China is unlikely to have this capability in the medium term. But Beijing is actively developing its carrier force and is researching how carriers can be used in battle. Continue reading

Russia Navy Developing ‘Carrier Killer’ Subs

Vladimir Putin ran for the Russian presidency in 2012 on the promise of rebuilding the Russian military. The Navy’s building program is part of Putin’s broader $356 billion military upgrade program, intended to run through 2020, according to the report.In 2013 new fourth-generation class submarines were deployed by Moscow: the Borei, which carries ballistic missiles capable of striking intercontinental targets, and the Yasen-class attack boat.  Both submarines are significant upgrades to previous, Soviet-era counterparts.

Shlemov says the main purpose of one of the new submarines will be “to protect the groups of ballistic missile submarines and do battle with enemy submarines.”  He is describing what Western experts call attack submarines. Continue reading