Latvia Spots Three Russian Warships off Sea Border

Latvia spotted three Russian corvette ships 4 miles from its territorial waters on Sunday.

According to the military’s Twitter page it spotted the vessels Liven 551, Serpukhov 603 and Morshansk 824 near Latvian waters.

The sighting followed reports that Russia was readying vessels for the approach of a U.S. vessel. Local newspaper Fontanka said that Morshansk and a handful of other vessels were lined up around St. Petersburg’s Kronshtadt port—the location of Russia’s Leningrad naval base. Continue reading

New documentary evidence of participation of Russian mercenaries in war in Syria (photos)

Know the enemy behind the enemy:

Photos of militants from the “Slavic Corps”, who are fighting in Syria on the side of the Assad regime, have been distributed in social networks.

Some sources claim that only retired officers of airborne and special forces, dismissed members of special task police, riot police and other security gangs of Russia, are allegedly included in the “Slavic Corps”. Continue reading