Achtung! Germany named world’s favorite country

Guess who’s back?

For those who follow Bible prophecy: As the world will soon watch and see, through charisma and intrigue (i.e. no longer has a Nazi past, but is now peaceful and constructive), it will rise again, possibly through a German-led ‘United States of Europe’ ( i.e. new EU), and fill the void a suicidally collapsing America (modern day Babylon) is leaving behind, yet is said to deceitfully use this intrigue as a means to set forth and trample the earth. It could also be the fatally wounded beast (see also HERE) which all thought was gone, yet has risen again. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “Nazis”, but a new means of deception.

It won’t happen tomorrow or maybe next week or year, but the foundations are laid. You may follow its developments HERE.


Well, it took about 70 years.

Yes, from being the world’s pariah in the decades following Nazism and World War II, Germany is now the world’s favorite country, according to the Anholt-Gfk Nations Brand Index, which measures the image of 50 leading nations.

The Teutonic powerhouse knocked the United States from its longtime perch at the top of the ratings, which measure “twenty-three different attributes that make up the six overall dimensions on which national image is based.” Continue reading

How the Communist Party sells Xi Jinping’s ‘Chinese Dream’

HONG KONG — To understand the attitude of China’s new leadership toward reform, you need to understand “The Chinese Dream.”

Adopted by Xi Jinping as his governing slogan at the end of last year, “The Chinese Dream” has since become ubiquitous in the People’s Republic: it’s featured in newspaper editorials, TV debates and elementary-school textbooks. It’s taught in universities, prisons and work training programs. It’s written on walls and plastered on propaganda billboards.

But what does “The Chinese Dream” mean?

That’s tougher to say. Continue reading