MERKEL’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as ‘people want to be free of EU’

Frauke Petry is calling for a German EU referendum


BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of “EU slavery” in the wake of Britain’s sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels.

Far right figures in Alternative for Germany have promised to call their own vote if they clutch power in country’s general election in autumn next year.

A party spokesman branded Brussels a “bureaucracy monster”, before adding: “Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda”. Continue reading

Smug German boss says EU will SURVIVE without UK as France & Germany are MORE IMPORTANT

However Brussels would crumble if France and European powerhouse Germany decided to leave, Alexander Lambsdorff MEP has said.

The deputy president of the European Parliament said a British exit from the EU following the June 23 referendum was not a “horror scenario” and it would live on whatever happens.

He said: “The EU is imaginable without the UK, but not without Germany or France.

“The UK was not in at the beginning and they are just too peripheral for their membership to be the determining factor. Continue reading

Brexit looks more likely after dramatic narrowing in EU referendum poll

Support for Britain remaining in the European Union falls by 16 points in latest Ipsos Mori poll

Britain’s potential exit from the European Union looked increasingly likely today as a new poll dramatically cut the “stay” campaign’s lead by 16 points.

In June 2015 support for Britain remaining in the EU had reached its highest point since 2000 with 61 per cent of people backing the country’s membership compared to just 27 per cent favouring an exit.

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