Japan needs to seek out regional allies, view U.S. as ‘second resort,’ says head of think tank

As often warned about, Japan will merge into an Asian bloc where China is the hegemon (see also HERE and HERE) and everything is under its umbrella protectorate. This article stops short of saying it’ll unite with China, however the other Asian powers cannot stand up to their Communist neighbor without the United States. If you’ve been reading articles from this site long enough, it should also be no surprise that America is now becoming an unreliable partner.  It won’t even stand up to China and its economic warfare, cyber attacks or technological theft. If you (Japan) can’t beat them, join them.

This is how a corrupt American leadership of the free world can lead the world into a new era without the United States. Japan will undoubtedly gravitate into China’s sphere of influence. A new American leadership (i.e. Trump) will not be able to change that. Nations are growing tired of the bipolar changes every election year and no longer see consistency in the United States.

Ironically, this report comes from an American think tank, proving this is where Asia is heading.


Japan needs to stop relying on the U.S. for its defense and form a security alliance with other Asian nations if it is to become a respectable global leader in the decades to come, according to the founder and president of Washington-based think tank Economic Strategy Institute.

Clyde Prestowitz said U.S. defense budget cuts could mean a reduction in its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, where it is currently focusing its foreign policy.

In that scenario, Washington, with its own interests in mind, won’t be as reliable if and when a military conflict arises between Japan and China, said Prestowitz in an interview with The Japan Times last month. Continue reading

Europe plunged into energy crisis as Russia cuts off gas supply via Ukraine

Russia cut gas exports to Europe by 60 per cent today, plunging the continent into an energy crisis ‘within hours’ as a dispute with Ukraine escalated.

This morning, gas companies in Ukraine said that Russia had completely cut off their supply. Continue reading