Russia tests ray gun that can BLIND enemies as it steps up fight to WIPE OUT Islamic State


RUSSIA is testing a terrifying new weapon that can blind enemies using rays as it steps up the fight to obliterate the Islamic State in Syria.

The country’s defence vehicles could soon be equipped with the device, which fires out light strong enough to block sensors and cloak human vision.

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Retired General: Iran Deal Encourages Allies to Align With Russia, China

Retired Air Force Gen. Chuck Wald, who co-chairs the Iran Strategy Council at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the implications of the nuclear agreement being pushed by the Obama administration.

Wald, who served as deputy commander of United States European Command, explained that the agreement “undermines U.S. credibility” from the perspective of both allies and enemies in the Middle East by making U.S. commitment to alliances appear “weakened.” Continue reading