Hackers Claim To Have Exposed 170,000 Military Email Accounts

The hacker group known as LulzSec appears to be back after many months of laying low, claiming to have exposed the accounts of nearly 171,000 members of the military.

The group, which in 2011 went after government agencies and companies including the FBI, CIA, Sony and the Public Broadcasting Service, claims to have exposed the email accounts of thousands of members on the website MilitarySingles.com.

“There are emails such as @us.army.mil; @carney.navy.mil; @greatlakes.cnet.navy.mil; @microsoft.com; etc.,” the group said in a note posted on the website PasteBin.

The group said it dumped a database including a total of 170,937 email accounts from the website, which bills itself as “the dating site for single soldiers.”

Full story: Hackers Claim To Have Exposed 170,000 Military Email Accounts (Business Insider)