ECB “Blesses” Greek Bank Runs, Says Unsure If Banks Will Reopen Monday

The previous post quotes what Benoit said. These ‘experts’ don’t even know what they’re talking about or which lies they have to cover up from the previous day. They suffer instant amnesia syndrome. Or, perhaps they’re intentionally blurring the facts so that people don’t see the system is about to teeter into collapse or give false hope that everything is stable. This keeps riots and panic off the streets… until the mask comes off.


Update: what else – an official denial: EU OFFICIAL: ECB DIDN’T SAY GREEK BANKS MAY NOT OPEN MONDAY

So, Benoit did not say what he said?

* * *

Just minutes after Greek FinMin Varoufakis warned people were trying to “incite capital flight” from Greece and Dijsselbloem stated that “capital outflows from Greece are worrying,” Reuters is reporting that The ECB dropped the bank run hammer: Continue reading