Bangladesh becoming gold smuggling hub for Mideast gold: officials

DHAKA: Bangladesh has seen a huge leap in gold smuggling to neighboring India, the customs intelligence chief said Wednesday.

Mainul Hossain Khan said his team was catching gold smugglers red-handed every day at the country’s two international airports, with bullion brought in mainly from the Middle East and believed destined for India.

They had seized 623 kilograms (1,370 pounds) of gold since July 2013, up from just 15 kilograms over the whole of the previous five years, he said. Continue reading

EU, U.S. to commit to remove all duties on transatlantic trade

Open question: Was giving up an internet under American control done as a ‘measure of good faith’ in order to push the trans-Atlantic deal through?

(Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama and European Union leaders will promise to remove all tariffs on bilateral trade at a summit on March 26, an ambitious step towards the world’s largest free-trade deal, according to a draft statement seen by Reuters.

The joint declaration, if delivered as laid out in the draft, seeks to overcome tensions following Washington’s offer to cut its duties by less than the Europeans had hoped for and after Brussels pledged to remove almost all of its own tariffs. Continue reading