Vladimir Putin could LASH OUT and attack West as Russia runs out of cash warns top general

He has brought his country past the point of no return and the only question is who Russia collides with. Putin has to act or he loses credibility with his handlers and his hold on power, period.


Retired US General David Petraeus said that the megalomaniac leader will become more and more desperate and could resort to suicidal acts of violence as “crippling” western sanctions empty his country’s coffers.

The respected soldier predicted that the nuclear superpower will completely run out of cash within two years and will not be able to raise more funds to bankroll its aggressive foreign policy, potentially leading to deadly consequences for those nations on its doorstep.

In a dire warning shot to NATO members including Britain, the military expert said: “I think Putin has a limited window of a couple of years to continue provocative actions…and we have to be very careful during this time when he could actually lash out and be even more dangerous than he has been.”

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