CHILLING WARNING: US trying to stop North Korea nuclear bid ‘will spark WAR with China’

Simply put: North Korea is China’s proxy against the West. It could’ve been put down decades ago if China really wanted to.


Kim Jong-un with his generals

Kim Jong-un is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons


ANY future attempt by the US to put a stop to madcap dictator Kim Jong-un’s nuclear programme could spark a catastrophic war with China, a military expert has warned.

American forces could look to launch a “surgical strike” against North Korean army installations as the reclusive rogue state gets closer to acquiring serious nuclear capabilities.

But John Delury, an expert on China, warned that Beijing would feel compelled to defend its crackpot neighbour in such a scenario even though Chinese officials have become increasingly exasperated with its insane leader.

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Comrades in arms: Britain and Russia to sign defence deal

Britain could buy weapons from its former Cold War foe for the first time under a landmark defence treaty, the Telegraph can reveal.

Defence chiefs are preparing to sign a deal that would see British defence companies working jointly on projects with the Russian arms industry.

The treaty allows arms companies to buy kit from Russia – and Russian diplomatic sources said they hope one day to see British soldiers carrying the Red Army’s famous Kalashnikov rifle as a result. Continue reading