It’s time for the EU’s biggest reform, say France and Germany

Push, push, push… Integrate more and more… It is the only solution, regardless of the economic crisis and knowing the cultures, economies and interests vary too much — so they keep saying. The march onward to a United States of Europe is underway courtesy of Germany’s Fourth Reich and its Troika proxy. As was said before, the Euro was designed to fail.


The French and German economy ministers have called for a strengthened eurozone with a common budgetary mechanism and tools to avoid the kind of debt problems Greece is suffering.

“It’s time to strengthen the eurozone by way of the EU’s biggest reform,” Emmanuel Macron and his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel said in a joint statement in France’s Le Figaro, The Guardian, Germany’s Die Welt, Spain’s El Pais and other European dailies.

The German and French ministers also stressed that “a stronger eurozone should be the core of a deepened EU”.

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