The Untold Story of Election Day 2016!h.355,id.15289,,w.640

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images and BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)



No matter who wins, America will lose.

November 8 is decision day. Americans will choose who will be the next president of the United States: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. There has never been an election cycle like this one. More than half of Americans dislike both candidates. The lies, insults, scandals and childish behavior of both candidates have been suffocating.

Trump promises to “Make America Great Again!” Clinton promises to unify America with her slogan, “Stronger Together.” Yet both sides claim that if their candidate doesn’t win, it will spell disaster for America. Some label Trump as a fascist; some label Clinton as a criminal. Yet one of these two individuals will become the next president of the world superpower. Tensions are high, and disaster seems to be building on the horizon.

Democracy seems to be broken. The many processes that have elected capable leaders in the past seem to have failed us. The future of America hangs in the balance.

There is an untold story of Election Day 2016. While America and the world focus on what America will be after the election, they are ignoring what America is now. President Barack Obama has changed this nation. America has been under attack for eight years. Whoever inherits the White House will preside over a radically transformed United States.

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Israel, Greece, Cyprus Give EU Power

What was already predicted and mentioned is now gaining ground.

Further information on the Fourth Reich can be found here, while more on the EU Project, or the upcoming United States of Europe can be found here.

A new energy agreement reveals level of European influence.

In August, three of the world’s most vulnerable and most strategically located countries agreed to give their electricity to the European Union.

The Israeli minister for energy and water resources, the Cypriot minister of agriculture, natural resources and environment, and the Greek minister for the environment, energy and climate gathered in Nicosia and signed a joint memorandum of understanding. Continue reading

Germany Strengthens African Military Presence

One of the main points of discussion at last week’s high-level forum on defense and security in Berlin centered on raising the military protection of Germany’s raw materials sources.

Broadcast live via the government-financed media outlet Deutsche Welle, the forum—hosted by Berlin’s Federal College for Security Studies (baks)—had, as a top item on its agenda, ways and means of adding to the Bundeswehr’s existing presence in Africa within countries that are vital to the continuing supply of raw materials for Germany’s export-led economy. Continue reading

Australia—Germany’s Strategic Pacific Partner

Germany strengthens its ties with Australia as its springboard for projection of power in the Pacific.

Students of Bible prophecy are aware that in the latter days a northern power is set to spread its imperial reign “south and east” and ultimately into Jerusalem (Daniel 8:9).

In 1995 Australia and Germany signed the Australia-Germany Partnership 2000 Action Plan. This agreement, vigorously supported by Australia’s prime minister at the time, Paul Keating, and the then German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, mapped out Germany’s future in Australia. Continue reading