Study Warns US Nuclear Strategy is on Course for Disaster

It’s not unforeseeable that America will lose its edge, if it hasn’t already. Given the high levels of secrecy with many regimes such as North Korea or China, you don’t find out until it’s already deployed — and quite often many officials within the un-intelligent community are “shocked” with each new development instead of staying on top if it beforehand. It’s actually more of a concern how behind they are on developments than the developments themselves. As the article states, Russia has the edge in its non-nuclear deterrent. What else is there that America doesn’t know about?


CSIS report calls for new policy in coming years or US will lose deterrence and over 11 states will go nuclear in mass proliferation.

Lead author Clark Murdock, a strategic planning and defense expert, warned in the study entitled “Project Atom” that American foreign policy between 2025-2050 will be bogged down dealing with rampant global nuclear proliferation if dramatic changes are not made immediately.

According to the argument, “rogue” states estimate that they will be able to defeat the US’s conventional military power by developing nuclear weapons, and therefore they will push forward on nuclear programs to gain international clout and power. Continue reading