Xi Jinping tells whole world Beijing will soon crush Hong Kong protests

President Xi Jinping has taken advantage of the global attention that has been focused on Beijing during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference to vow that the Occupy Central Movement in Hong Kong will soon be crushed with force.

At a joint press conference with President Obama after a China-U.S. summit held on Nov. 12, Xi, who is also Communist Party General Secretary, said the Occupy Central campaign in Hong Kong was “illegal” and that “we resolutely support the government of the Special Administrative Region to handle [the crisis] according to law so as to uphold social stability in Hong Kong.” Continue reading

Beijing troop movements foreshadow upheaval in neighboring N. Korea

When given some thought, all the sabre rattling and threats could plausibly be the result of an already-collapsing regime that is attempting to distract the domestic attention.

Communist Party General Secretary and commander-in-chief Xi Jinping has asked the nation’s military and police forces to take full precautions regarding the possible collapse of the Kim Jung-Un regime. Continue reading