Russian cyber group seen preparing to attack banks

As described earlier in a previous post, these are essentially proxy groups with state backing. They create a group that allows for plausible deniability, showing no attributable activity.


A security firm is warning that a group of Russian hackers known for targeting military, government and media organizations is now preparing to attack banks in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The group’s preparations, which have included writing new malware, registering domain names similar to those of intended targets, and setting up command-and-control servers, were discovered by analysts from security firm Root9B.

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Rise In U.S. Hacker Attacks Against China

The PLA has been at this for decades, although they now have assigned the 4PLA to head the cyberwarfare theatre. It should be interesting to see if they can be beaten at their own game, but likely not with their advantage of having made the microchips and components our infrastructure, military hardware/software and  government communication systems (and possibly even our nuclear deterrent) is highly dependent on.

About 7.8 million Chinese computers were affected in 27,900 IP attacks that originated in other countries. And that’s just between January and June, China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team said on Monday.

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