PLA switching to an offensive footing, says Russian expert

The release of China’s ninth defense white paper on May 26 indicates that the People’s Liberation Army has changed its traditional strategy of coastal defense. By acquiring more advanced weapons systems, the development of PLA Navy in the future will be focused on its offensive capability. Under this strategy, the mission of China’s strategic missile division known as the Second Artillery Corps has become more important, Sivkov said. Continue reading

A Canadian Navy Officer Has Been Arrested For Telling The Russians All About America’s Coastal Defenses

The Canadian Press says the leaked information could include sensitive data on underwater “dead zones” where submarines can travel undetected.

Details of navy ship movements in the Arctic and the Middle East may have been leaked as well, along with weapons systems information.

The Wall Street Journal reports sources close to the case say the breach created serious conflict between the U.S. and Canada. The information allegedly delivered to the Russians was electronic communications and signals data collected between Canada and its allies.

“Is there a Russian sub off the coast? Where are the American subs? Where are ours? That’s the kind of top secret stuff they would know,” one person familiar with Trinity said to the Globe and Mail. The intelligence center is said to mainly track naval traffic in the Atlantic and analyzes Canadian and allied electronic communications.

Postmedia News reports court documents show Delisle, a 40-year old father of two, is charged for two offenses under Canada’s Security of Information Act, and one criminal charge for breaching trust.

Full article: A Canadian Navy Officer Has Been Arrested For Telling The Russians All About America’s Coastal Defenses (Business Insider)