The PLA’s special forces: secrets revealed

And meanwhile, within the purged and decimated-from-within U.S. Military, it’s more concerned about such issues as pregnancy training for men.


China’s state media has recently confirmed that the People’s Liberation Army, the largest military force in the world, has 10 major special operations forces, each with its own unique characteristics and code names.

The 10 special force teams hail from each of the PLA’s seven military regions and commando teams from the PLA Navy, Air Force and Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces.

“Arrow,” formerly known as “Divine Sword,” is the special forces of the Beijing Military Region. This elite unit tasked with protecting the capital contains 3,000 soldiers, each of whom is adept at a wide range of tasks ranging from battlefield reconnaisance to anti-terrorism. Every soldier from this unit must be able to run five kilometers bearing heavy equipment in under 25 minutes, complete a 400-meter obstacle course in under one minute and 45 seconds, throw several hundred grenades over at least 50 meters each time, and perform 100 push-ups in a minute. Continue reading

PLA should expand special forces: state media

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) should expand the scale of its special forces to adapt itself to future wars, in line with China’s military reform, reported the state-run PLA Daily.

“The form of war has changed, so has the way operations are carried out,” said Chinese president Xi Jinping during a recent speech. “Our [the PLA’s] military mindset and principles for operations must progress with time” to strengthen our capability in information gathering, the system itself, elite troops, and collaboration. Continue reading