Bill Gertz Explains Chinese Spying on America and American Industry: ‘It’s a Three-Pronged Threat’


Washington Free Beacon senior editor Bill Gertz explained the scope of Chinese spying on American industry Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“It’s a three-pronged threat. You have traditional spying. Right now in Alexandria (Virginia), there are two ex-CIA officers who are under investigation or being prosecuted for spying-related activities in China,” Gertz said. “Then you have the cyber threat, and this is a massive theft of technology from both the government and the private sector. Continue reading

China seeks new Antarctic station

China is the last nation on earth to care about ‘climate change’, as evidenced in their blatant flouting of international treaties year in and year out on pollution reduction. Like Iran, who has masked the launching of ICBMs with a ‘scientific’ facade, complete with chimpanzes and rats, China is masking its future military power projection over the Antarctic under the guise of ‘science’. At the very least, China is likely installing a monitoring station focused on the southern hemisphere and laying stake to a piece of one of the world’s last undeveloped and strategically critical regions.

Chinese researchers have sought environmental approval for a new climate change research station in Antarctica.

Under the Antarctic treaty regulations, Australian officials are responsible for environmental approval of such projects. Continue reading