Chinese Military Leader Says “Extermination” of USA is China’s Goal

A friendly reminder about a not-so-friendly plan that falls in line with Biblical prophecy:

All Americans should know the vital information that is in the first link below. It should be the lead story on all TV national news programs, but the media will cover up this story. It is a report from the website of the World Tribune, and it reveals what is really on the minds of China’s Communist leaders as they are in the midst of a massive military build-up. The author, Lev Navrozov, is a Russian émigré trying to warn the Western world about the danger that it faces from China, Russia, etc. Mr. Navrozov cites an English-language version of “a speech delivered by Chi Haotian, the Minister of National Defense of China up to 2004 and a top military analyst today.” In other words, this was not a random statement by a low-level functionary of the Chinese Communist Party. He was the Chinese equivalent of the US Secretary of Defense so his statement clearly expressed official Chinese policy.

Mr. Haotian stated in his speech (obviously given in China and not expected to be read by anyone in English) that Chinese national policy should be “exterminating the population of the United States.” That is correct. You read it right.

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