China media tell U.S. to “shut up” over South China Sea tensions

The CCP / PLA (“state-run media” should clue the reader in) masterfully follows Sun Tzu in painting itself as a victim of US aggression, when in fact they are aggessively pushing for terriritorial gains over natural resources and threatening war with their neighbors. Case in point: Taiwan — with over 2,000 (last count ~2010) missiles aimed at the democratic island. With a US in militarily decline, one foot off the economic cliff and politically weakened because of this, one shouldn’t be surprised to see traditinal allies such as Japan, South Korea and such run towards a new protectorate and form Asian bloc lead by China within the next two to five years.

China’s state-run media ramped up condemnation of the United States on Monday over tensions in the South China Sea, with the Communist Party’s top newspaper telling Washington to “Shut up” and charging it with “fanning flames” of division in the region.

“We are entirely entitled to shout at the United States, ‘Shut up’. How can meddling by other countries be tolerated in matters that are within the scope of Chinese sovereignty?,” said a commentary in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily, an offshoot of the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s top newspaper.

The main, domestic edition of the newspaper was equally harsh, and accused Washington of seeking to open up divisions between China and its Asian neighbors.

“Fanning the flames and provoking division, deliberately creating antagonism with China, is not a new game,” said a commentary in the People’s Daily domestic edition. “But of late Washington has been itching to use this trick.”

Full article: China media tell U.S. to “shut up” over South China Sea tensions (Reuters)