Airbus threatens to PULL OUT of Britain if we leave EU amid war of words in City world

First Deutsche Bank, then Vodafone, and now Airbus. Germany’s Fourth Reich-dominated EU is definitely dropping a hint.


AEROSPACE giant Airbus has warned it will reconsider investing in the UK if Britain voted to leave the European Union.

UK boss Paul Kahn said he thought it was “vital” firms took a view on a possible “Brexit” following a promised in-out referendum on EU membership.

The move could put 17,000 UK Airbus jobs at risk, including 4,000 in Filton, near Bristol, and 6,000 at its wing-manufacturing plant in Broughton, north Wales. Continue reading

Britain ‘under attack’ in cyberspace

Britain is seeing about 70 sophisticated cyber espionage operations a month against government or industry networks, British intelligence has told the BBC.

GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban said business secrets were being stolen on an “industrial scale”. Continue reading