Even France would LEAVE the ‘sad’ EU if it had a referendum, top French philosopher says

FRANCE would vote to leave the “sad, grey” EU if it had a referendum vote today, according to a celebrated philosopher.

Bernard-Henri Lévi said the French would “probably” abandon the EU if they were given the chance.

The respected philosopher said the EU is clogged-up with bureaucrats who have over regulated everything to the point where there is no longer any room for “dreams or ideas”.

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Can Europe Be Saved?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I find it truly enlightening that you told the European Commission from the outset this idea of the euro would fail because of a faulty structural design. Do you think there is any way to save the European system now?


Politicians will not give up power willingly. It just does not work that way. I have tried to stop what we face decades ago. A two-year old with a pocket calculator could have figured out where we are today in the 1980s. You just cannot perpetually borrow year after year with no intention to pay anything back without screwing up the entire future. I met with people back during the Reagan years. They said oh, no problem, they will be paying back with cheaper dollars. Continue reading

Welcome to Soviet America! (Was my 1975 1-act play prophetic?)

On our arrival to the United States, after I published my book “The Education of Lev Navrozov: A Life in the Closed World Once Called Russia,” I embarked on a world lecture tour, explaining the Soviet criminal system. First it was American university audiences, then Canada, South America, Japan, France, and Italy. The response in the press was very enthusiastic. And yet, I was not satisfied. Something else had to be done — with some visual effects.

I could not fail to notice that my message to explain the harm to freedom and democracy done by the liberal, socialist ideas was appreciated mostly by conservative audiences (the Yale Conservative party, New York’s East Side Conservative Club, and the like), while the liberal press pursued their own agenda.

My first attack was on the liberal New York Times, which for years concealed from the American public the atrocities perpetrated by the Stalin regime.

Stalin’s best friend was Walter Duranty of the New York Times. For decades, the newspaper carried his dispatches from Moscow, repeating Soviet propaganda, depicting happy lives of the people in “Stalin’s paradise,” which were outright lies and concealed the ugly truth and suffering of the Russian people enslaved by Stalin’s criminal henchmen. Continue reading