Brussels burns as more than 100,000 protesters clash with police during march against EU austerity measures

Riot police use their batons to beat back protesters after a mass demonstration against austerity measures in Brussels, Belgium


  • Fighting broke out after the end of largely peaceful trade union march
  • New right-wing government was elected in Belgium last month
  • It wants to raise retirement age, cancel wage rises and cut welfare benefits

Violence broke out on the streets of Brussels today as more than 100,000 people marched against EU-enforced austerity.

Water cannons and tear gas were used in the centre of the Belgian capital as riot police tried to bring the situation under control.

Fighting broke out soon after the end of a largely peaceful march organised by trade unions and left wing politicians.

‘Metal barriers were thrown at the police, together with stones, and then the situation rapidly got worse,’ said demonstrator Gilles Broussard.

‘Hundreds of riot police were involved in trying to bring the situation under control – it all got very nasty.’ Continue reading