The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 1


Perhaps we have missed something: Like the possibility that the canyons of Wall Street are actually located on another planet several light years from earth!

Otherwise, how can you explain the equipoise of a stock market sitting at the tippy-top of a nine-year bubble expansion and confronted with the potential outbreak of World War Three?

Folks, like some alien abductors, the Deep State has taken the Donald hostage, and with ball-and-chain finality. Whatever pre-election predilection he had to challenge the Warfare State has apparently been completely liquidated. Continue reading

US House Speaker: White House was notified of Netanyahu invitation

Netanyahu was set up and the Obama administration flat out lied. Simple. The question is where the Obama administration will take this anti-Israel momentum in the next stage. They’re using something trivial to build a case and paint him as the bad guy.


US House Speaker John Boehner said Monday that a notice was sent to the White House some hours before he announced he was inviting Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyanu to address Congress on Iran and terrorism. Continue reading

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