The Night Sky in December: A new cold war waged not on Earth, but in space

Being that energy or power concerns would be of no concern on the moon thanks to an abundance of Helium-3, this is quite possibly conceivable in theory that the moon could somewhat be ‘weaponized’.


A war not with nuclear-tipped missiles but with destructive laser beams, travelling at the speed of light and reaching their targets 50,000 times faster than today’s missiles

A new cold war seems certain to start within the next few decades, waged not on Earth, but in space.

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China wants to build 13000 kilometre underwater train to the US

IN recent years China has embarked on an astonishing rail construction spree.

Now it wants to build a massive 13,000 kilometre high-speed underwater train line to connect to Beijing to the US, the Beijing Times reports. Continue reading