Hamas, insurgents basing SAMs in Sinai for attacks on Israel

Islamic insurgents have deployed surface-to-air missiles in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula for  attacks on Israel, a report said.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy said Hamas has joined with Bedouin insurgents to establish Sinai as a venue for SAM attacks on Israeli civilian and military aircraft. In a report, the institute said the insurgency network was believed to have acquired a range of Russian-origin air defense systems.

“This flow of arms, which includes advanced Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 missiles capable of reaching the outskirts of Tel Aviv, has been supplemented by equipment smuggled from Libya, such as the fairly advanced Russian-made SA-14, SA-16, and SA-18 anti-aircraft missiles, which could pose a threat to Israeli aircraft and the Eilat airport,” the report, titled “Sinai: A New Front,” said.

Full article: Hamas, insurgents basing SAMs in Sinai for attacks on Israel (World Tribune)