ISIS Sets Its Sights on the East

In 2014, this photo of Muslim ISIS supporters in India’s Tamil Nadu state went viral on Twitter.


  • This month’s ISIS manifesto claims India as part of Islamic Caliphate and, referring to the recent resurgence of Hindus in the country, states: “a movement of Hindus is growing who kill Muslims who eat beef.”
  • ISIS flags and insignia are regularly displayed at protest rallies and religious gatherings in the Muslim-majority province of Kashmir.
  • Indian officials seem just as afraid of calling Islamist terror by its rightful name as their Western counterparts. Instead, they appear to be trying to distract the public by throwing money at ineffective social welfare programs. Perhaps these officials hope the public will think that at least “something” is being done.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is apparently planning to subjugate and conquer the ancient civilizations of the East as part of its worldwide jihad. Continue reading

Signs China may ally with India and Russia after Beijing summit

A world is moving on and pushing America out of the picture.


Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi met in Beijing on Jan. 2 for the 13th Russia-India-China (RIC) summit to discuss how, as three countries with major influence on global affairs and with emerging domestic markets, they can work together to ensure global and regional peace and stability as well as pushing forward global economic growth.

From his 2012 presidential campaign onwards, Putin has tied his ambitions for Russia’s economy to the Russian Far East’s trade with China and the Asia-Pacific region. Relations between China and Delhi, which have at times been subject to tensions over ongoing territorial disputes, have also matured to enable mutual respect, despite the Indian press’s continuing reports on movements of both countries’ armies in northern Tibet and Indian-controlled Ladakh. Continue reading