Divine Eagle, China’s Enormous Stealth Hunting Drone, Takes Shape

Divine Eagle

The Divine Eagle is a low observable, high altitude UAV meant detect stealth aircraft at long ranges, using special purpose radars.

Photos have emerged of the Divine Eagle, perhaps China’s most ambitious drone design. Planned to hunt stealth planes from afar, it could turn out to be not just the world’s largest drone, but one of the most important to the future of war. Continue reading

U.S. extends runways at Qatar air base to accommodate B-2 bomber

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military has continued its project to expand a
base in Qatar.

The Defense Department has been awarding contracts for construction work at the Al Udeid air base in Qatar. On Jan. 17, the Pentagon awarded a $27.8 million contract to Contrack International for the expansion and upgrade of Al Udeid, which contains the Air Force operations command for the Gulf region.

“The award will provide for the construction services at Al Udeid Base, Qatar,” the Pentagon said.

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