Liberated by the West (III)

KABUL/BERLIN (Own report) – Following Afghanistan’s presidential elections, threatened violence could barely be averted. According to reports, one of Germany’s cooperation partners – Atta Muhammad Noor, the governor of the Balkh Province – was responsible for the repeated threats to storm government buildings, in Kabul, if Abdulla Abdullah, the alleged loser of the elections, is not included in the government. The German Bundeswehr maintains its main military base (“Camp Marmal”) in Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of the Balkh Province. To prevent unrest, the Bundeswehr is closely cooperating with the warlord Atta, who is accused of serious human rights violations and who uses his power to amass enormous wealth. He is now considered one of Afghanistan’s wealthiest men. Strengthened by his cooperation with the West, Atta is planning to extend his regional influence through Abdullah, who will become “Chief Executive Officer” of the new government. Atta, today’s warlord ruler of the north of “liberated” Afghanistan, had already been terrorizing the region’s population in the 1990s. At the time, widespread fear of the warlords’ terror had paved the way for the Taliban to take power.

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