Take advantage of US indifference

What the author here fails to understand is that China and Russia, while surely not true allies, are allied together out of convenience against America. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” goes the saying. This is also the main purpose behind founding the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It is both a soon-to-be created Asian bloc hegemony against the West and a new world war axis.

One thing the auther has right, however, is that there’s a division being sewn between the United States and Europe out of changing internal salient issues. What the future holds exactly is anyone’s guess. However what will likely happen, and sooner rather than later, is that we might see NATO being dismantled because of the false notion that there is no USSR and it’s now a peaceful democracy. All is well and there is no need for America’s protection. Couple this with European resentment towards America’s ongoing wars and political differences. As the EU sorts itself out and becomes more intergrated — a United States of Europe, if you will — we will indeed likely see a “European army” that a lot of top politicians across the continent have been calling for for quite a while now. Something has to fill the gap and this will be NATO’s replacement.

No matter whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is elected as the next president of the United States on November 6, he will think Pacific rather than Atlantic; Asia rather than Europe. The most convincing sign of this change is that during their foreign policy debate neither of the candidates mentioned Europe or NATO, substantial allies on which all US diplomacy relied for some seven decades. Continue reading