Russian army to receive over 250 planes and other aircraft in 2015


MOSCOW, May 20 /TASS/. The Russian army will receive over 250 aircraft, including planes, helicopters and drones, in 2015, Russia’s First Deputy Defense Minister Arkady Bakhin said on Wednesday. Continue reading

50 Russian Jets Fire Live Missiles In Show Of Strength Near Borders With NATO Nations

At least 50 Russian jets, including many of Russia’s advanced Su-34 “Fullback” fighter jets, began aerial combat exercises just miles from Russia’s western borders with NATO nations Estonia, Latvia and Finland — military drills that see the deadly jets firing live ammunition and guided missiles.

The exercises taking place in the skies over Russia’s Western Military District appear designed to show the west that even as the conflict in Ukraine rages on — despite this week’s new ceasefire agreement — the United States and European sanctions have not diminished Russia’s military might. Continue reading