‘Saddam gave orders to fire chemical weapons at Tel Aviv if he was toppled in First Gulf War’

Saddam Hussein gave orders to his subordinates to launch missiles with chemical warheads at Israel should he start to lose power during the First Gulf War, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Friday, citing tapes from the late Iraqi president’s archives.

According to the report, Hussein dispersed missiles armed with chemical weapons at bases across the country and gave orders to have them launched at the Jewish state should his regime collapse or he be cut off from his general staff. The list of strategic Israeli targets was drawn up and included, curiously, Haifa’s leading high-tech university, The Technion.

A professor from the university recounted in the report that a Jordanian official who visited the school told him that Saddam insisted the Technion be added to the list of strategic targets because a teacher at the school had spoken ill of him. Continue reading

The Syrian Dictatorship Prepares for Chemical Warfare

The civil war in Syria escalates almost every week as rebel forces grow stronger and Bashar Assad and his Iranian-backed thugs grow in ruthlessness. And now, chemical weapons have been reportedly delivered near the rebel stronghold of Homs and the regime’s forces in the area are putting on gas masks.

The Assad regime is not deterred by international condemnation resulting from the bloody images out of Syria, where over 7,000 citizens have been murdered. This is a regime that deliberately targets children, systematically tortures prisoners in ways fit for a horror movie and returns the battered corpses of 13-year old boys with missing fingernails and genitals.

It is worth remembering that Bashar Assad’s father, Hafez, put down an uprising in Hama in 1982 by destroying the city and much of its population. It will never be known how many were massacred, but the number ranges between 10 and 40,000. There are unconfirmed but credible reports that cyanide gas, a chemical weapon, was used. The Assad regime is not one that has any moral qualms about the use of weapons of mass destruction and undertaking wholesale slaughter.

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