Report: North Koreans Got Desperate After Trump Walked Away

(Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead/The White House)


Their offer to shutter Yongbyon didn’t come until after the president ended his talks with Kim Jong-un.

We now have a much different view of what happened behind closed doors during the Hanoi summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un that ultimately led to its abrupt ending.

“As Trump prepared to leave a Hanoi hotel at the end of two days of talks with Kim on Feb. 28, North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui rushed over to the U.S. delegation with a message from Kim in a last-minute attempt to save the talks from collapsing, according to the report, which cited unidentified U.S. officials and another source.

“The message was about the extent of the North’s Yongbyon nuclear facilities that the regime was offering to dismantle in exchange for sanctions relief. When U.S. officials asked for more clarity, Choe rushed back to Kim and returned with an answer saying it included everything at Yongbyon, the report said.

“Still, the response wasn’t impressive enough for U.S. officials to resume talks, it said.”

Full article: Report: North Koreans Got Desperate After Trump Walked Away (TruNews)

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