Report: Defecting Venezuelan Troops Planned to Re-Enter Country by Force

(Photo Credit: Venezuelan Defense Ministry)


Their plans were cut short only after Colombian officials intervened in the 11th hour.

A group of heavily armed former Venezuelan soldiers, led by a retired general, reportedly planned to use armed force to push back National Guard troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro who were blocking aid shipments from crossing the border from Colombia.

Gen. Cliver Alcala, who has been living in Colombia in retirement, was planning to lead the soldiers in an attempt to ensure aid shipments could flow into Venezuela unimpeded. The timing of their offensive, however, concerned officials in Bogota, who had pledged the transfer of U.S. aid would be done peacefully.

This was at the time American officials joined Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on the Tienditas Bridge that spans the border between Cucuta, Colombia, and Pedro Maria Urena, Venezuela, to deliver aid. More than 200 exiled Venezuelan soldiers had pledge to provide security, but were stopped by their host country.

Full article: Report: Defecting Venezuelan Troops Planned to Re-Enter Country by Force (TruNews)

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