Report: The British Crown is Connected to Russian Money Laundering Network

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The report details how billions of dollars in cash have been funneled through offshore companies to disguise their original sources.

London’s The Guardian newspaper has published an expose detailing how a charity run by Prince Charles has received donations from an offshore company that funneled $4.6 billion in cash from Russia.

The report states that money flowing through the network is linked to “some of the most notorious frauds committed during Vladimir Putin’s presidency.” It notes that more than 1.3 million transactions have been identified by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project as the result of one of the largest bank record leaks in history.

The network, which is now under investigation, is connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin and reportedly involves 70 companies with Lithuanian bank accounts that mixed criminal and legitimate money in order to disguise their original sources. The Guardian notes:

There is no suggestion that end recipients of funds were aware of the original source of the money, which arrived via a disguised route. However, the documents indicate that criminal and legitimate money may have been mixed together, making it impossible to trace the original source, before passing through screen companies into the global banking system.”

This is where the story gets interesting. A central figure in the report is none other than Bill Browder, who has played a role in several alleged Russian scandals, including the murder of attorney Sergei Magnitsky, which triggered the U.S. Congress to implement the Global Magnitsky Act, and the “Russia Narrative” investigation launched by the FBI and taken up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The self-styled “anti-corruption” advocate told The Guardian:

This is the pipe through which the proceeds of kleptocracy flow from Russia to the west.

Among the outflows to otherwise legitimate entities was $200,000 paid to the Prince’s Charities Foundation, Prince Charles’ principal fundraising vehicle. They connect back to Putin through Ruben Vardanyan, an Armenian financier who has close ties to the president, and who is among the 100 wealthiest people in Russia.

Despite the fearmongering over Russia, The Guardian notes—at the very end of its report—that Vardanyan’s business entity has never been fined by any regulatory body, and that it has always observed international standards for transparency and compliance.

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