Is China Building Space Weapons To Attack US Satellites?


Here’s something that could really put a damper on US-China trade talks.

Two weeks after DNI Dan Coats warned about US adversaries expanding “their use of space-based reconnaissance, communications and navigations systems,” Bloomberg reported that China’s recent development of “sophisticated” capabilities for “satellite inspection and repair” and “space debris cleanup” might actually be a ruse for something far more nefarious.

At least some of these capabilities “could also function” as weapons against US satellites, the Defense Intelligence Agency has said. Because the technology used to clean up space debris could easily serve a “dual purpose.”

The increase in what’s essentially orbiting garbage that could damage or destroy a satellite “has implications for policymakers worldwide and is encouraging the development of space debris removal technology,” the agency said Monday in an unclassified publication on threats to U.S. satellites.

But “this technology is dual-use because it could be used to damage another satellite,” it said.

Of course, China and the US aren’t alone in purportedly developing space weapons. Russia has been pursuing them, too. Luckily, the Pentagon budget has set aside money to start building that first “Space Force” base.

It certainly might make one wonder: How far away are we from “Death Star” levels of destruction?

Full article: Is China Building Space Weapons To Attack US Satellites? (ZeroHedge)

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