With China Attempting to Take 5G Lead, Trump Weighs Telecom Equipment Ban


(Photo Credit: PxHere)


Congress was told this week that the U.S. stands to lose millions of jobs and its competitiveness if China is allowed to take the lead on next-generation technology.

Following a congressional hearing in which it was warned that the U.S. could lose millions of jobs if China gains the lead in 5G mobile technology development, President Donald Trump is reportedly weighing an executive order to ban all Chinese telecom equipment.

U.S.-China Economic & Security Review Commissioner Michael Wessel told the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee that China has coordinated a state-led strategy for developing its science and technology development that has not been matched by the U.S. government:

“China’s government pursues an aggressive development path to become a high-technology leader, but its approach emphasizes Chinese technologies, and the companies that develop them, as the core of any future standards. China’s approach is the result of long-term planning, policy implementation and funding. In other words, government direction—supported by policy, politics, and generous subsidies—is driving China’s tech development.”

The committee’s chairman, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), said that should the U.S. fail to win the 5G race, it would “forever reduce the economic and societal gains that come from leading the world in technology.” With that in mind, according to POLITICO, the president is now expected to sign an executive order that would ban all Chinese telecom equipment from being installed in any U.S. wireless network.

The order is expected to be signed within the next two weeks. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is set to take place Feb. 25. POLITICO reports the goal would be to have the new order in place prior to that major telecommunications industry conference:

Full article: With China Attempting to Take 5G Lead, Trump Weighs Telecom Equipment Ban (TruNews)

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